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Mobdro is a program for watching video broadcasts from around the world. The program finds popular video streams on various topics from around the Internet. Mobdro offers to watch news, sports, music, games, technology and other categories of video broadcasting. The program is able to find video streams in user selected languages. Mobdro also allows you to sort broadcasts in alphabetical order and restrict access using the parent module. The program has a simple and intuitive to use interface.

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Mobdro is a free video player for watching TV shows and shows online. It doesn’t look like other similar players, in fact it’s the home TV in your Android smartphone. You can find many TV channels from around the world that you can watch online everywhere where there is Internet.

People have been watching television programs on home TV for quite some time, but the Mobdro application is ready to change this trend. On the Internet you can find many services for watching TV channels online, but in order to bother with finding the right video, you can install this program. This is an online player that allows you to replace your home PC and even TV. Its huge base contains thousands of films and television shows, as well as sports competitions. You can cut out the programs by genre, but what exactly the service will choose.

Particular attention is paid to sports enthusiasts; Mobdro for Android contains the most popular sports channels where broadcasts are available around the clock. You can watch football, boxing fights and even ski runs. Especially for girls, there is a whole set of online channels that broadcast television shows about beauty, health and nutrition. The picture quality is excellent and everyone can find a TV show to their liking. For music lovers, the Mobdro application can offer dozens of music channels on which new clips and music awards are shown, both by foreign performers and domestic.

The application has an intuitive interface with a fairly simple design. All you need to sort the channels into categories is in the side menu. By selecting the desired menu item, you will see a list of TV channels that belong to this genre. Now the choice is yours! For the installation and comfortable use of the Mobdro program, no identification or registration is required. To get started with the application on your smartphone, just download and install it, and in return you will receive a large database of movies, shows, videos and music.

Features :

  • Broadcast video from around the world
  • Various topics of video streams
  • Selection of video broadcasts in the required languages
  • Clear search history


Application features

  • A wide selection of content. Video on any topic, in different languages, from around the world;
  • The ability to recommend a video to friends, and share with them by making a couple of clicks;
  • Filtering and grouping streams by topic or language;
  • History viewed;
  • Download streams and view them offline at any time.

Download Mobdro APK all versions for Android


Information Update Mobdro Apk latest version for Android.

How to download and install the Mobdro app

Installing the app is actually elementary. Just follow these steps listed and you’ll be streaming in no time.

Step 1: Download the Mobdro apk file to your Android device.

Step 2: Enter the settings of your device. Go to the lock screen and security page of the device’s settings. On this page, there is an option that allows the install of apps from unknown sources. Enable this setting to install Mobdro.

Step 3: Click on the Mobdro file that you’ve downloaded. The install will now begin. This will take a minute or two, so go make some coffee or something.

Step 4: You will need to give the app some permissions on your device. (Some of these permissions are scary and many users warn against using Mobdro for security and privacy reasons).

Step 5: Open the Mobdro application and stream away. That’s all there is to installing the Mobdro application. See? And you thought it was going to be an engineering exam.


Alternatives of Mobdro 2020

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  • Butter Project. Butter allows any user to easily watch movies
  • DuckieTV. …
  • The MovieDB. ...
  • Popcorn Time Online.
  • LeonFlix. ...
  • TorrenTV. …
  • ZeroNet: Play.


What is streaming video?

If we discard all clever terms, then we can say that streaming video is a technology that allows you to watch a particular video in real time (online). These include various online broadcasts of television shows and movies, streams (stream) on YouTube and other similar services.

The global video streaming market size accounted for $42.6 billion in 2019 and experts project that its compound annual growth rate will grow for 20.4% from 2020 to 2027

How to download streaming video from any site to your computer?

The video greeting I needed to download is also streaming, and as I mentioned earlier, simply downloading it was not possible.

After looking for some information on the Internet on this subject, I found out that the Mobdro  for Windows just allows you to download these videos in a few steps. Unfortunately, this method did not work for me, because by the end I got a distorted (freezing) video. Therefore, I will not focus on this program as a way to download streaming video to your computer, but will talk about another working method that helped me solve the problem.

I present to you “ Mobdro Downloader” – a program that allows you to increase the speed of downloading video files and able to save streaming videos from popular services on your computer,

As far as I know, in addition to the Windows operating system, the program supports Linux of both bit sizes and Mac OS X


Mobdro Not Working.

How to Fix Mobdro Not Working

 List of Mobdro Not Working Issues

  1. The Mobdro has stopped working
  2. Empty your Category list.
  3. Can’t load data. please check your connection
  4. Video Playback error
  5. The Mobdro currently offline.
  6. There are No downloads
  7. Mobdro’s Parse Error
  8. Mobdro sports not working
  9. Mobdro not working no connection
  10. Mobdro can’t load data

Mobdro Not Working on Android


You must need to update or reinstall the Mobdro Apk to solve this problem. For this, you have to do:

  •  Firstly connect your Android to the Internet.
  • Then you need to open the Chrome browser.
  • Now you have to download the latest version of the Mobdro Apk on Android TV from our website
  • After that, you can install this update and the latest version App.

With this, I hope any issues related to Mobdro not working on an Android will be sure solved.

Mobdro Not Working on Kodi

You should uninstall and install Mobdro on it again to fix the problem.If you’re facing Kod problems, then perhaps it might be because it’s not installed properly.

Mobdro not working on Firestick

Due to the outdated old version of this Apk installed To solve this problem we need to fix these issues and follow the instructions

At first, you need to ensure that you have a proper internet connection on your Firestick device. Also, check the network works properly.

  • Then download the latest version Mobdro from my website
  • Now Uninstall the outdated old version and install the downloaded latest version of Mobdro on FireStick.

How to install Mobdro for FireStick using ES File Explorer

  • Open Firestick.
  • Go to  Settings and select System firestick app.
  • Then select  Developer Options.
  • Activate  “Apps from unknown source”  (Applications of unknown origin)
  • Now, you will receive a warning message regarding unknown sources. Select “Accept”.
  • Go back to the home screen and select Search.
  • Now search for  “ES File Explorer”.
  • You will find the official version of ES Explorer.
  • Click to install by pressing the ” Get or Download ” button.
  • After the download and installation process, start  ES File Explorer.
  • Now, open the Favorites drop-down menu, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Then select “Add”.
  • A new pop-up window will appear asking for  Route and Name.
  • Enter the path and name as Mobdro.


How to install Mobdro?

If you want to download Mobdro, you will have to  configure your device first in order to download applications from outside the Google Play store,  although the process is really simple.

First go to  Settings >> Security , and then make sure the Unknown sources option is checked . Click OK when a security warning appears, then you can now download the Mobdro application   from the following button:
Once you have downloaded the APK, your tablet or smartphone will ask you if you want to install Mobdro for Android, then click Next and then on  Install .

Once you have downloaded the application,  the device will proceed with its installation . The process lasts only about five minutes on android and once it has been installed you can already open the application or in fact it will open automatically.

In the process of installing the Mobdro apk, it may ask you for some access permissions. You must give Ok to finish the installation, in addition to making sure you  have enough space or memory  to get the application without problem.

Once Mobdro has been installed (downloaded)  you could start using it although it is better than before to configure it  so that it works without problems and you can watch any desired channel or content.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an app where you can see your favorite paid content, but for free, it does not work like other platforms that choose the content you want to watch, but rather choose the channel.

These are thematic channels where you will be able to find all the content you want to see.

It is a super interesting alternative APP because with it we can constantly surprise ourselves, we tune into a channel of scary movies but we will not be able to know what it is until we see it. How to zap!

How to install Mobdro on an Android mobile or Tablet?

Once you have downloaded the Mobdro application, the device will proceed with its installation. The process lasts only about five minutes on android and once it has been installed you can already open the application or in fact it will open automatically. In the process of installing the Mobdro apk, it may ask you for some access permissions.

How to update the app?

If you are already using the Mobdro application, start the application and enter the menu About >> Updates. Once you click on this option, it checks if there is any update available. If you find any, it will take you to the update page for the new version. Follow the instructions on that page and proceed. Finally, you will finish installing the update of that app correctly. As simple as that.

How to optimize the settings of the App?

  • Enable hardware decoding: Use hardware accelerated video decoding.
  • Select languages: Mobdro app will only show the streaming and channels that match the selected languages.
  • Sort alphabetically: Enable alphabetical sorting.
  • Parental filter: Mobdro will limit access to age-inappropriate content.
  • Clear search history: Clear previous Mobdro English searches so they don’t appear in the search box
  • Never remember history: Never store Mobdro search history.



To use mobdro PC we will only have to install an Android emulator on our PC, it works very well. It is tested Bluestacks + Android N for Windows PC enter the official Bluestacks website and download it for free, Bluestacks website.

Once we have installed and opened bluestacks we will only have to look for the mobdro application, or download it from this website in the links that we share above in DOWNLOAD.

Screenshot of Mobdro pantall on MAC or PC emulating an android with the BLUESTACKS program:

Click on install APK (see red arrow in the previous image).

We look for the file that we have downloaded “ … version that is .apk” in the download folder and install it.

For the Bluestacks android emulator to work smoothly with mobdro it will be necessary to have a powerful PC or last generation MAC.

Enjoy the open channels by streaming that mobdro offers you directly on the screen of your PC or laptop using the ANDROID emulator called BLUESTACKS.

Once Bluestacks is installed we will open this emulator on the PC and when opening we will install the APK file of the version of mobdro that we want to use.

It should also be noted that thanks to this android emulator on PC we will have access to many more very useful applications and games, there are very good free apps.

We will open mobdro on the PC and we can use the APP as if we were on our Android mobile devices but this time on our Windows PC.


As we will check the operation of the application is very simple, once the language of the channels that interests us the most is configured, in our case Spanish (Mobdro Spanish) for example, when opening the app we will enter the main categories where we will see the following icons : CHANNELS, NEWS, SERIES, FILMS, SPORTS, MUSIC, GAMING, PETS, TECH, PODCAST, SPIRITUAL AND OTHERS.

We will only have to enter one of these categories and start enjoying TV channels, videos, documentaries and much more in direct streaming.

Not only that, many series, also everything in high quality streaming and very smooth frame rates in HD, enough power to send the video sequence directly from your phone (or Android tv) to your TV with HDMI input.


How to watch mobdro on a television?
There are several options to enjoy mobdro channels directly on television without having to use cables, completely wirelessly, for us the best way is to use a CHROMECAST device to the HDMI of your TV like the one in the image:


Without a doubt the best option to view the content of our mobile device or tablet is to share in the background to any television with HDMI input as the only requirement, apart from the home Wi-Fi connection.

When we open mobdro we will be able to share by means of the “Share” button and the content will be shared with our TV, at the same time we will be able to continue using the tablet or the phone to see messages without interrupting the sending of video to our TV.

There is also the possibility if we have a SMART TV (Although with the Chromecast 2 device it is no longer necessary) to share the screen of the Android device that we use with the smart TV, so we will see the content of our phone or tablet on our TV using the option Screen sharing of our smart TV.
(The problem with this last option is that what is seen on the tablet or phone from which we broadcast will be shown on the TV at all times, so we will not be able to continue using the mobile device or tablet for other tasks).


People who have a SMART TV are in luck since they will be able to watch mobdro television osea will be able to see the app on television without the need for cables, that is if you have to make sure you have connected the SMART TV to the same Wi-Fi ROUTER as the mobile or tablet .

If the SMART TV that you receive and the smartphone or tablet that it emits are connected to the same WIFI network, we will have the possibility of activating the option “smartShare” “SharedTV” “Receive Multimedia” or something similar depending on the manufacturer’s name on the SMART TV.

To connect the Smartphone or Tablet to SMART TV there will be an option called “Send Multimedia” or “Smartshare” or something similar depending on the manufacturer.

If all goes well, the smartphone or the sending tablet will detect the SMART TV and they will connect.

Once connected we can see at the same time what we see on our Phone or Tablet on our SmartTV Television. We will see the same on both devices!


Sending the images from our phone or tablet to our television is easier than we might think And with any luck our phone will be compatible with a Micro USB to HDMI cable like the one in the following screenshot:

We will only have to connect the smallest output to the micro USB (the most common) to the phone or tablet, then we will have to connect the HDMI output to the Television and the normal USB output to the television as well. We will put the channel of the HDMI input and if everything went well we will see perfectly our mobile or tablet on the TV screen at the same time!


You can enjoy mobdro also on iOS the open channels that it offers you by streaming directly on the screen of your PC or MAC laptop using the emulator for mobdro iOS called BLUESTACKS.

For more details enter MOBDRO mac where we explain step by step how to install the ios emulator program on PC MAC or laptop called BLUESTACKS.

Once Bluestacks is installed we will open this emulator in the MAC and when opening we will install the mobdro version APK file that we want to use.

We will open mobdro ios in MAC and we can enjoy the APP as if we were on our mobile devices with the android emulator for ios Bluestacks.

Remember to visit your free and free mobdro community at where we comment on our experiences installing the app on different devices, be they phones, mobiles, cell phones, iphones, android or PC on any device, remember that you have more experiences and opinions on mobdro .pro

See on our website the personalized tutorials for mobdro.

Don’t forget to visit the complete article MOBDRO TV and MOBDRO SMART TV

The best and most economical way we have seen on the internet to send videos, images or any file from your mobile to your television in a very easy way is Google’s ChromeCast or else the Amazon Fire TV Stick, even if you do not have a SmartTv, it has multiple options for voice access that will simplify your task.

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